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Become LEP Compliant Quickly and Easily

We offer professional document translation services for public schools in over 100 languages with a quick turnaround time to ensure your educational institution is LEP compliant. 

Document Translation
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Document Translation

Document Translation
We Specialize in SPED
(Special Education) Document Translation

Simply having a bilingual staff does not meet the federal LEP requirements for translation. We give you access to certified document translation professionals who satisfy the federal requirements for special education students and their parents.

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We Translate Over 140 Languages

Our translators are skilled in more than 140 languages, and we offer fast translation services to ensure the student doesn’t languish while a proper translation is being prepared.

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Document Translation for Parents

Parents have a right, according to the LEP Parent Fact Sheet to translation for documents such as report cards, parent-teacher conferences and more even if their child speaks english. We assure your public school is compliant. Click the button below to learn more.

No More Language Barriers

Easily meet all DOJ & DOE LEP requirements for translation services for your students and their parents. Call us today to learn more.

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